Life would be perfect for Luna-Ray if only she didn't have to go to school. And if her family were different and her friends actually liked her. Better yet, maybe if she was a different person altogether, preferably a person who didn't have anxiety about absolutely everything. Just as Luna begins to think all hope is lost, she meets Sadie Rainbow, a counsellor who supports Luna through a journey of self-discovery, where she learns coping strategies that really work and finds the power that can be hidden within three words. 
'These Three Words' is a unique therapeutic novel for teenagers with the aim of linking together the feelings, emotions and behaviours connected to anxiety, with some of the therapeutic tools that can be used in order to enable better self-regulation, increased confidence and different ways of thinking. The book is equally valuable to parents of teenagers with anxiety, giving them an insight and understanding into some of the issues that may be affecting their child, and potentially opening up a line of communication and a way forward between parent and teen. 

Co-author 'What a Muddle' Childrens therapeutic workbook  

Boss is sleeping, Norma is busy, Spike is stressed and Sam is getting the wrong messages. If only Sam knew how to wake Boss up....'What A Muddle' is an interactive, practical workbook designed to help children who have difficulties with emotional regulation to begin to understand what is happening in their bodies. A variety of activities throughout the book enable the child to start to explore these ideas through the story of Sam, while gently encouraging them to begin to verbalise their own experiences.Carrying out the physical exercises in the book can promote changes in emotional regulation. The workbook also provides plenty of opportunity to introduce and promote the child’s feelings of confidence and self-worth. The content of 'What A Muddle' was inspired by children in therapy; the methods promoted in the book are tried and tested and easy to work into a child’s everyday life, with support from their caregivers. The text is written in a child-friendly, gender-neutral style, and is easy to understand and user-friendly for parents, carers and practitioners alike. For children aged 4-12 
The Journal 
These Three Words: The Journal is a thought-provoking and hands-on workbook, combining a series of practical exercises and tools designed to assist teenagers who are struggling with the symptoms of anxiety. Addressing the anxious responses in both brain and body, this journal provides the reader with the opportunity to discover therapeutic coping techniques and learn how to apply them to their own personal problem areas, before committing to a twenty-eight-day practice to promote good emotional regulation and reduced anxiety. 

About Us 

Jess founded JV Trauma Tools in response to the lack of trauma treatment interventions available within the area of Bedfordshire. 


Jess delivers training to other professionals around the impact of trauma in children. Training can be either half or full day events and the content will be written and delivered around the needs of your organisation. 

Contact Us 

You can contact us either by emailing us on jess@thegapbedfordshire.co.uk or by calling us on 07885 296706. You can also fill in the contact form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 
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